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PHP MySQL Drupal Developer and Information Architect

I am best known in the web industry as a craftsman by trade. My skills traverse web data design, web development, information architecture, web programming, search engine optimization and web publishing.

I have been the Senior project leader for interactive and web projects including meeting with clients, coordinating resources, understanding the needs of the client and their audiences as well as managing production, scheduling and creative resources.

Industry experience include:

    * 1. Health and Medical Record management
    * 2. Legal case management
    * 3. Sales order processing
    * 4. Advertising
    * 5. Magazine Publishing

If you need references I am happy to provide names and numbers. I am interested in contract work only and telecommuting. I have to take my two children to, two different schools and pick them up, I also have to take them to basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, band, scouts, clinics, tutors, doctors appointments, orthodontist appointments, The Mall, and friend's houses. This is why I am only available for telecommuting.